product development
and strategy

How to create a digital, covid-ready business model for a coffeehouse? 2020 was maybe the perfect year to turn traditional business models into content business models. For Viennese social business Vollpension, we created four video masterclasses with more than 15 hours of high quality content filmed in a custom built Granny kitchen studio in Vienna's 6th district. Besides that, we produced a line of promotional content, as well as content for brand partners. The project is named "Backademie" a combination of the german words for baking and academy and it's exactly that. Learn baking from the best - the grannies of Vollpension!

Streaming platform and Online shop

Creating a digital baking school

TASK: Creation of a digital baking platform as a new digital business model for a coffeehouse.

CONCEPT AND EXECUTION: We had 6 months to create a digital streaming platform and 15 hours of high-class video content, a recipe database in the unique visual style of the Vollpension brand, as well as an online shop and user management. We started to develop the web platform together with Huangart while developing a concept for video content that would represent the brand values of Vollpension and its quirky, renowned style. In the meanwhile, the brand was getting a makeover by Viennese design studio LWZ. On Oct. 1, ready for the 2nd lockdown during the pandemic, we went live. More than 1000 on-demand and live baking classes were sold until the end of 2020 turning the Vollpension Backademie into a permanent business field for Vollpension.



Concept: Manuel Gruber, Vollpension
Art Direction: Moriz Piffl
Platform development: Huangart

Director: Manuel Gruber
Live-Edit, 1st Ad: Oliver Capuder
Camera: Michael Rottmann, Florian Hofer
Additional Camera: Philipp Habenicht, Alexander Püringer, Adrian Bidron, Philipp Krebs
1st AC: Julian Mähr

Gaffer: Jakob Slavicek
Lighting Technicians: Paul Hübl, Manuel Prett
Setdesign: Sebastian Rahs, Moriz Piffl, Stephan Czisar
On-Set Art Direction: Martina-Irene Czerny, Birgit Fischer
Costume: Florian Oppitz
Make-Up: Susu Babolleh, Kordula Lingler
On-Set-Sound: Tjandra Warsosumarto, Alexander Wieser, Sergey Martynyuk
Editor: Oliver Capuder
Color Grading: Studio Embel / Daniel Hollerweger
Sounddesign: Mario Wienerroither
Music: MUK Ensemble: Janna Gossner, Damian Keller, Tobias Meissl
Baking Supervision: Noelle Sahillioglu
Oma Supervision: David Haller
PA: Simon Gruber, Bernhard Wladowski
Photography: Mark Glassner
Brand design: LWZ