Communication concept, Website concept,
channel strategy and production for Austria's newest
cooperative association.


Rückenwind is a cooperative association started by Austrian entrepreneur Heinrich "Heini" Staudinger. My job was to do a communication concept and to build the corresponding channels, first and foremost the official website. The Rückenwind brand stands for a movement of people who don't see a future in the current capitalistic economy and who build new solutions cooperatively. The aim was to create a language, as well as a visual style, that underline the revolutionary aspect of the the first cooperative association founded in more than a 100 years in Austria.



Concept and Production: Manuel Gruber, Christian Pomper
Claim: Manuel Gruber
Text: Christian Pomper, Manuel Gruber
Art Direction / Webdesign / Interface Design: Sandra Reichl
Web Development: Harald Atteneder / Urbantrout.io
Video Production: Stereochrome