mySugr Academy

Production and Promotion of an online video course

Task: Create and promote an online video course that offers newly diagnosed Type-1 diabetics guidance in their diabetes therapy.

Concept and execution: In a 10-part online video course plus an additional online education platform, we follow a protagonist on his hero's journey from being newly diagnosed to mastering his therapy. We decided on using animation and humour as the main stlyistic characteristics, as diabetis therapy is usually boring and uninspiring. The course is divided into ten lessons between three and ten minutes. The main focus was to use clear language that breaks down complex topics with the help of a playful visual language.

The corresponding teaser aims to speak to potential users in a situation every type-1 diabetic knows: the day of the diagnosis. We use the metaphoric diabetes monster that appears for the first time and will be part of our protagonist's life from now on. This metaphor is used for the whole course, where the aim is namely to "Tame your monster".



Producer: Manuel Gruber
Concept: mySugr, Manuel Gruber, Tim Maresch,
Content: Ilka Gadinetz, Anton Kittelberger, Manuel Gruber
Illustration: Tim Maresch
Animation: Ulrich Einweg, Lawrence Blankenbyl
Text: Manuel Gruber, Bastian Kellhofer
Voiceover: Norbert Langer, Stuart Freeman
Translations: Scott Johnson
Sounddesign und Music: Mario Wienerroither
Voiceover-Recording: Markus Lechleitner / Irievibrations Studios.